What is Going on with Dunedin Real Estate?

The Dunedin real estate market is relatively stable lately.  The median sales price for residential homes is just over $151,000 for the year.  The average number of days on market is 83 and as of today, August 6, there are 276 homes being actively listed in Dunedin.  Those are the facts.  If you would like more facts and community information visit our Sun Bay Associates Market Leader link to get the details.  

What is not quite so easy to quantify is the lifestyle of Dunedin.  It is a warm and friendly little city with a whole lot of things to do, street festivals, craft fairs, special holiday events like Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Wine the Blues, Old Fashioned Christmas, and so much more.  And then there is the Gulf of Mexico.  It is scenic, calming, beautiful.  And it offers beaches, fishing, boating, and more.

Check it out and get a visual about why you might want to buy Dunedin real estate.


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