Oldsmar Real Estate Update

In the Oldsmar real estate market there currently are 19 single family homes listed as active for sale in the $150,000 to $300,000 price range.  There are 27 houses under contract in this price range and in the last month, 7 houses in this price range were sold.

Of the houses for sale in the Oldsmar real estate market, the smallest is 1,190 square feet and is a 2 bedroom/2 bath house.  The largest house in this price range is 2,987 square feet and is a 4 bedroom/3 1/2 bath home.

For the houses that sold in Oldsmar, the smallest was 1,284 square feet, sold for $152,500, and was on the market for only 6 days.  The largest house that sold was 2,984 square feet, sold for $245,000, and had a private pool.

If you would like to search for houses in Oldsmar, visit our Sun Bay Associates website and build your own unique search.  Then, when you find the perfect home, all us and go take a look at it.

If you are interested in finding out what your home, or any home in the area is worth, check on it with our Sun Bay Associates home valuation tool.

Happy house hunting.

Short Sale – Good News

This is just a very quick little note.  On May 26, 2013 we listed a condo, as a short sale, with two mortgages.  Both mortgages were with Chase Bank.

Today, August 21, 2013, the short sale was closed sucessfully.  Chase Bank is wonderful to work with!

Our seller is happy, our buyer is happy, and the Realtors who dealt with Chase Bank are happy.

Thank you Chase Bank.  A closed short sale in less than 90 days.  Woo Hoo!!

Now that the good news is out, here is the kicker.  The Mortgage Debt Relief Act will expire at midnight on December 31, 2013.  Congress has no intention of extending it.  If you are in the position of having, or wanting, to sell your home and it is worth less today than your mortgage balance, you might be in a short sale situation.  You still have time to list your house and get it sold and NOT have the forgiven balance count as income.  The difference between the amount owed and the market value is why it is called a short sale.

A short sale does not have to be a big scary monster.  Talk to us and we can provide you with expert information, including finding an attorney who specializes in distressed property if that is necessary.

To learn more about what this might mean to you, contact us at Sun Bay Associates.  If you are not sure of the current market value of your home, click on our home valuation link and get an estimate of your current market value.

Update for the Clearwater and Dunedin Area

Great news for natural food lovers.  Whole Foods Market is coming to Countryside Mall in Clearwater.  It is being built adjacent to Sears by the BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse entrance.  This well respected natural food grocer is set to open in 2014.  Just another reason to live in the Clearwater and Dunedin area.  Go by the Mall occasionally to watch the progress of the Whole Foods construction.

Here’s a real estate update for the Countryside area.  Want to see what’s available in Countryside?  Create your own search here.  There are currently 19 single family homes listed for sale, 27 are under contract and in the last 90 days, 28 homes in Countryside were sold.  To put it another way, every month there are nine houses in Countryside that sell.  With 19 houses now listed as active for sale, this means that there is just over a two month supply of homes available in Countryside.

Or another way to look at it, houses are selling like the proverbial hotcakes in Countryside and a buyer who wants to live in the community should not be take too much time mulling the decision to make an offer.  Or someone else will get the house.

The average price of houses listed in Countryside is $329,400.  The average price of houses that sold in Countryside in the last 90 days is $258,661.  A bit of the disparity could be that there are two homes listed for sale that are luxury homes, priced at $750,000 and $699,900.  These homes are very large, with 4,258 sq. ft. and 5,378 sq. ft. respectively.  The highest sold properties in this Clearwater community in the last 90 days sold for $525,000 and $395,000 and these homes have 3,365 sq. ft. and 3,227 sq. ft. respectively.

The Clearwater real estate market, certainly in Countryside, is very healthy indeed.  If you would like to get an idea of the value of houses in Countryside, check out our Sun Bay Associates value estimator.  You don’t even have to talk with a Realtor.

A Few Things to Do in Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor has plenty of things to do.  There are the normal fun things, like Wall Springs Park, the various beaches, boating, fishing and golf.  Soak up the sunshine, enjoy the sunsets.

And there are other events to consider as well.

Sunday, August 18 at Pop Stansell Park, starting at 10 am there is an open air market with fresh produce, baked goods, live music and more.  Enjoy the open air market and the out of doors environment at Pop Stansell Park, a truly neat place to go.  Come back in the evening to watch the sunset.

Then there is a dog manners training class starting on August 24 for teaching dogs how to behave.  It will be a 6 week course and teaches dogs (and the owners) basic good doggie manners, like sit, stay, walk on the leash, and much more.  It will be at the Palm Harbor Community Center on 16th St. in Palm Harbor.  It is only $70 for the peace of mind a well-behaved dog can bring.  Professional dog trainer Janice Skinner works to ensure a good experience by limiting the class to six dogs.

Or try a Palm Harbor restaurant for a pleasant weekend dinner.  The newly remodeled Bob Evans on US 19 has a fresh look inside, a new menu, and is very tasty.  Also, Carrabba’s on US 19 just finished its own refurbishment and is now better than ever.  There is the oh so popular Lucky Dill Deli on US 19 with its mountainous sandwiches that are simply wonderful.  For truly local Palm Harbor flavor, head a little west down Tampa Road across Alt. 19 towards the Gulf, to Molly Goodheads for a true Florida eating experience.  Mingle with the locals for a really fun experience. Sit on the open porch, enjoy a beverage and have a freshly prepared meal.

Or visit any of the local restaurants in Old Palm Harbor, such as the Thirsty Marlin or Peggy O’Neils for a fun dining experience.  You can sit outside at both of these eateries, enjoy a beverage and have a delicious dinner.

Come to Palm Harbor. Visit to enjoy the ambiance, or find a home to live in so you can take advantage of the Palm Harbor life style everyday.

What is Going on with Dunedin Real Estate?

The Dunedin real estate market is relatively stable lately.  The median sales price for residential homes is just over $151,000 for the year.  The average number of days on market is 83 and as of today, August 6, there are 276 homes being actively listed in Dunedin.  Those are the facts.  If you would like more facts and community information visit our Sun Bay Associates Market Leader link to get the details.  

What is not quite so easy to quantify is the lifestyle of Dunedin.  It is a warm and friendly little city with a whole lot of things to do, street festivals, craft fairs, special holiday events like Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Wine the Blues, Old Fashioned Christmas, and so much more.  And then there is the Gulf of Mexico.  It is scenic, calming, beautiful.  And it offers beaches, fishing, boating, and more.

Check it out and get a visual about why you might want to buy Dunedin real estate.